The Soluna Team

Get to know our team, affectionately known as the Solunatics.
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Amy co-founded Soluna in 2009, inspired by her love of growing herbs and flowers, as well as the exuberant foods and flavors she experienced while working as an archaeologist and traveling in Europe, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.




BPM General Manager

Lauren started working at Soluna in 2020. She has a love for adventurous cooking and healthy living. Her go-to tea and spice blend at the moment are Relax and Renew and Chinese Five Spice.


Art and Design Coordinator

Caitlynn joined Soluna in the fall of 2014 after graduating with a BFA in Studio Art a few months prior. Her favorite tea of all time is Ceylon Chai and her go-to spice blend is the Tuscan Dipping Blend!


BPM TEAm & Tea Barista

Julia has been a proud Solunatic since 2018. She’s a current fifth year Architecture student from Northeastern University. Her favorite Soluna blend is a three way tie between Turmeric Ginger, Spice Berry, and Roasty Toasty Roots!


BPM TEAm & Tea Barista